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Out of Home

Marketing up close

Through out of home media, we expand your campaign’s reach considerably. Here, of course, the attention you receive is the highest at places where your message is least expected. If you also have an eye-catching media design, ideally a call to action as well as a QR code, a landingpage or a hotline to monitor the results, hardly anything can go wrong. Granted of course, you place your media in your target group’s natural habitat. But we will keep an eye on that too, don’t worry.

Promotion and guerilla marketing

Attention at (almost) all costs? Your marketing activities have to match your product and your target group. After all you might not be able to get your regular best ager too excited about “cleaning stencils”.

We develop and implement promotional activites that appeal, create attention and make good stories for accompanying PR activities. As the means to measure the actual (numerical) results of these activities are limited, we need these “soft results”. This is also one of the reasons why these activities should be integrated into a multi channel campaign, if possible.

Trade fairs and events

Ideally, we as an agency advise you on your trade fair appearance as well. Here, we are the link between you and the stand constructor, provide ideas, co-design your stand and pay close attention to the accurate representation of your corporate identity on site.
And if you don’t have a stand constructor at hand yet – we gladly recommend our network. Just ask us!