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Decreasing marketing budgets and fierce competition are challenges the entire tourism industry is facing. Cooperation marketing is the sure-fire way to still get the effect and the reach you desire, to build you brand and achieve your sales targets. Simply through sharing costs! All partners benefit from this financially and this is especially true if the partner’s products complement each other in the traveller’s eyes. There are plenty of examples for successful cooperation projects, a few of which you will find on the following pages.

How does it work?

Destinations, tour operators and carriers find each other, together they form a cooperation. The choice of relevant marketing channels (one or many) depends on the budget available. Campaign website, print ads, adwords, banners or out of home media, for example: Wehmeyer + Heinrich will find the right kind of campaign for your cooperation.

NEU: Including (direct) sales!

Through the synergies arising from our comprehensive network, we plan, manage and monitor entire cooperation marketing campaigns with several partners. Aside from the brand building factors such a campaign provides, we have a special something for our sales oriented partners: In close cooperation with the particular partner, we assemble travel products that we sell in course of the campaign – booking and billing are handled by our allies.

Selling together and sharing costs – an old idea that never gets out of style.